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Shape‐Memory Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

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All about shape memory: This review systematically introduces shape memory materials including mechanism, classification and inherent combination with electrochemical energy storage. It investigates scientific research and application of shape-memory electrochemical energy storage devices, puts forward key problems for the current research, and provides perspectives for future development.


With the great development of rechargeable energy storage devices, security, operation, product life and quality of experience of these devices have attracted special attention. Aiming to resolve these challenges, smart electrochemical energy storage devices with shape memory function are being developed, because shape memory material can well serve as a detector. For example, if there is a risk during the use of a battery, it can convey the information in the form of shape and play the role of automatic protection simultaneously. In this review, we briefly introduce mechanisms and materials of shape memory, summarize the research progress of electrochemical energy storage devices with shape memory function in recent years, and the application of such energy storage devices. Furthermore, challenges and opportunities for the development of shape memory electrochemical devices are discussed.

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