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Self‐Propulsion Mode Switching of a Briggs–Rauscher Droplet

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The Briggs–Rauscher (BR) reaction was introduced into a self-propelled droplet system. In this study, a BR reaction solution without starch was dropped into an oil phase containing a monoolein surfactant. Continuous and oscillatory motion as well as no motion of the droplet were observed depending on the concentration of the BR reaction solution.


Autocatalysis induces nonlinearity in chemical and/or biological systems, and is important for understanding the emergence of life in nature. To enhance the autonomy of self-propulsion in an open system, we introduced a Briggs–Rauscher (BR) reaction into self-propelled droplet systems. In this study, a droplet composed of a BR solution in an oil phase containing a monoolein surfactant exhibited various types of motion, that is, continuous, oscillatory, and no motions of the droplet. The motions observed depended on the concentrations of potassium iodate and hydrogen peroxide in the BR solution. These results indicated that the driving force in this system was generated by the reaction between monoolein and one of the intermediates of the BR reaction, iodine. Our system can contribute to the establishment of a novel biomimetic object in which the autocatalytic process acts as a key factor for inducing various types of motion.

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