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Schiff Base Mediated Dipeptide Assembly toward Nanoarchitectonics

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This Minireview describes recent strategies that exploit dynamic Schiff base reactions in combination with supramolecular chemistry to mediate dipeptide assembly toward the formation of nanoarchitectonics. These strategies generate dipeptide assembled systems with diverse structures and new emergent properties, including bioactivity as well as optoelectronic and mechanical functions, making these systems suitable for applications ranging from drug delivery and waveguiding to biocatalysis.


Dynamic covalent chemistry (DCC) is fascinating because of its dual nature. It perfectly combines the reversible nature of noncovalent bonds with the robustness of covalent bonds, effectively enhancing the stability of assemblies and meanwhile giving rise to unprecedented properties. Therefore, integration of DCC with supramolecular chemistry has emerged as a versatile and an extraordinarily useful approach in directing peptide assembly. This Minireview focuses on a recent strategy, which exploits dynamic Schiff base chemistry in combination with supramolecular chemistry, to mediate dipeptide assembly toward nanoarchitectonics. Diversified structures, new emergent properties, and their related applications are highlighted. Lastly, the opportunities and prospects in this exciting field are also introduced.

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