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Role of the Support Effects in Single‐Atom Catalysts

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Single-atom catalysts (SACs) have attracting considerable attention with the maximized atom utilization and efficient performance. We focus on the types and structures of supports to clarify the structure-activity relationship between support effect and catalytic performance through advanced characterization and theoretical research. It is hoped that this can provide useful guidance for the rational design of high-performance SACs for energy-related applications.


In recent years, single-atom catalysts (SACs) have received a significant amount of attention due to their high atomic utilization, low cost, high reaction activity, and selectivity for multiple catalytic reactions. Unfortunately, the high surface free energy of single atoms leads them easily migrated and aggregated. Therefore, support materials play an important role in the preparation and catalytic performance of SACs. Aiming at understanding the relationship between support materials and the catalytic performance of SACs, the support effects in SACs are introduced and reviewed herein. Moreover, special emphasis is placed on exploring the influence of the type and structure of supports on SAC catalytic performance through advanced characterization and theoretical research. Future research directions for support materials are also proposed, providing some insight into the design of SACs with high efficiency and high loading.

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