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Rhodium(III)‐Catalyzed C−H/N−H Activation for Direct Synthesis of Pyrimidoindolones under Mild Conditions

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Rhodium(III)-catalyzed C−H/N−H activation enables mild, direct synthesis of diverse pyrimidoindolones from N-carbamoylindoles and vinylene carbonate, including pyrrole substrates. Mechanistic insights are provided.


Pyrimidoindolones are an important structural motif found in many natural products and are essential to the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industry. Direct synthesis of 3,4-unsubstituted pyrimidoindolones is not easily accessible. Here we report a rhodium(III)-catalyzed C−H/N−H activation and annulation approach for obtaining pyrimidoindolones from N-carbamoylindoles and vinylene carbonate. The reaction occurs at room temperature and does not require any external oxidants. A diverse spectrum of indoles were demonstrated to be viable substrates capable of producing the desired pyrimidoindolones in high yields. In addition, the reaction scope has been expanded to include pyrrole substrate. Furthermore, detailed mechanistic studies have been performed to delineate the working mode of the reaction.

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