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Recent Advances in Transition‐Metal‐Catalyzed C–H Functionalization of Ferrocene Amides

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During the past decades, in synthetic organic chemistry, directing-group-assisted C–H functionalization is found to be a key tool for the expedient and site-selective construction of C–C and hybrid bonds. Among C–H functionalization of ferrocene derivatives, the directed group strategy is undoubtedly the most commonly used method. Compared to the other directing groups, ferrocene amides can be synthesized easily and are now recognized as one of the most efficient devices for the selective functionalization of certain positions because its metal centre permits fine, tuneable and reversible coordination. The family of amide directing groups mainly comprises monodentate and bidentate directing groups, which are categorized on the basis of coordination sites. In this review, various C–H bond functionalization reactions of ferrocene using amide directing groups are broadly discussed.

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