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Recent Advances in the Practical Synthesis of C1 Deuterated Aromatic Aldehydes Enabled by Catalysis and Beyond

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Selective deuteration of aromatic aldehydes has a wide application in isotopic labeling. Deuterated aldehyde is a useful precursor in synthetic organic intermediates, mechanistic studies, designing isotope-labeled drug molecules and pharmaceutical chemistry. There are diverse methodologies have developed to access aldehyde-d by various practical and catalysis process (e. g. NHC organocatalysis, photocatalysis).


C1-selective deuteration of aromatic aldehydes is of great importance for isotopic labeling and for improving the characteristics of drug molecules. Due to the recent increase in the use of deuterated pharmacological drugs, there is a pressing need for synthetic procedures that are efficient to produce deuterated aromatic aldehyde analouges. Deuterium labeling approaches are typically used as an effective tool for researching pharmaceutical absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME). Furthermore, deuterium-labeled pharmaceuticals are intended to increase therapeutic effectiveness and reduce side effects by extending the half-life of drug response. In the last few years, several catalytic or non-catalytic methods have been developed to synthesize deuterated aromatic aldehydes. In this concern, we offer a brief overview of the various synthetic strategies and practical methods for the formyl-selective deuterium labeling of aromatic aldehydes using different deuterium sources.

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