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Rational Design of Three‐Dimensional Self‐Supporting Structure for Advanced Lithium Metal Anode

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Current collector: This paper mainly summarizes the latest research progress, main challenges and development prospects of three-dimensional current collector with high surface area as lithium anode, which can not only reduce the local current density of lithium deposition, but also promote the transfer and nucleation of lithium ions, thus inhibiting dendritic growth.


Lithium metal anode (LMA) is the next generation of high-performance electrochemical energy storage materials because of its unique advantages (high capacity and low redox potential). However, a discontinuous solid electrolyte interface (SEI) layer and lithium dendrites are formed during battery charging, leading to serious safety problems. For this purpose, researchers have devised many solutions, such as artificial SEI, modified current collector, and lithium alloy layer. Among them, the three-dimensional (3D) current collector with a high surface area can not only reduce the local current density of lithium deposition but also promote lithium-ion transfer and nucleation, thus inhibiting dendrite growth. In this progress report, we review the design of the LMA 3D-structured current collector in accordance with the classification. Firstly, we discuss the latest development of advanced metal current collectors. Secondly, the 3D design of carbon-based current collectors is summarized to improve the overall performance of lithium metal batteries (LMBs). Finally, the main challenges and development prospects of LMBs’ current collectors in the future are discussed.

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