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Rational Design of Functional Electrolytes towards Commercial Dual‐Ion Batteries

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Dual-ion batteries (DIBs) based on anion (de)intercalation into low-cost graphitic carbon cathodes hold great promise in grid-scale energy storage. Different from the electrolyte in rocking-chair batteries, which only serves as a charge transporter, both cations and anions in the electrolyte for DIBs participate in battery reactions. Hence, the impact of the electrolyte formulation on cycle life, energy density as well as cost has become a subject of vital importance. Here we present a review to discuss the challenges and recent progress of electrolytes for DIBs, with a particular focus on the exploration of electrolytes with high oxidation stability, high salt concentration, high ionic conductivity and low cost. Moreover, the influence of varied ion concentrations at different state-of-charge levels on the electrolyte properties such as ionic conductivity and electrochemical stability is analyzed. Finally, we present the perspectives on the current limitations and future research directions of electrolytes for DIBs.

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