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Porous heteroatom‐doped carbons: efficient catalysts for selective oxidation of alcohols by activated persulfate

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Aldehydes are essential chemicals for industrial feedstock. However, the traditional processes to produce these chemicals face many limitations, such as waste generation, low selectivity, or high cost. Herein, we report the synthesis and characterization of a group of porous heteroatom (P, B or N)-doped carbons and their use as catalysts for the oxidation of primary alcohols by activating peroxydisulfate. Among the heteroatom-doped carbons, porous N-doped carbons pyrolyzed at 700 or 800°C show the highest activity. Experimental studies were performed suggesting a considerable contribution of a non-radical oxidation process. Furthermore, N-doped carbons can act as a catalyst in the oxidation of a large substrate scope of substituted alcohols.

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