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Pi‐class Glutathione S‐transferase (GSTP1)‐selective fluorescent probes for multicolour imaging with various cancer‐associated enzymes

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Pi-class glutathione S-transferase (GSTP1) is highly expressed in a wide variety of human cancer tissues compared to the corresponding normal counterpart. Therefore, GSTP1 is a potential target enzyme for overcoming resistance to chemotherapeutic agents or visualizing specific lesions such as cancer. Here, we present orange and red fluorescence-emitting probes selective for GSTP1. Carbofluorescein and TokyoMagenta fluorophores were modified with a previously described GSTP1-selective chromogenic compound to generate orange and red fluorescence probes, respectively. Of these probes, Ps-CF , the orange fluorescence-emitting probe, was confirmed to be highly specific for detecting GSTP1 exogenously or endogenously expressed in various cancer cells. Additionally, it was demonstrated that Ps-CF is applicable for the simultaneous detection of GSTP1 and another cancer-associated enzymes by using a green fluorescence emitting γ-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) probe. In conclusion, the fluorescent probes developed in this study enable the simultaneous detection of multiple tumour markers such as GSTP1 with other cancer-associated enzymes by the concurrent use of spectrally distinguished fluorescent probes, potentially broadening the scope of cancer detection.

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