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Peptide and Peptidomimetic Assemblies in Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry

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Dynamic combinatorial library of peptides can be generated either through amino-acid like monomers oligomerization, amino-acid side-chain grafting on static scaffolds or pre-synthesized peptide assembly. These stimuli responsive libraries are of great value for screening purpose in drug discovery, biosensing or material sciences.


A strong revival of interest has been dedicated to peptides over the last few years, in different fields including drug discovery, biosensing and material sciences. The use of dynamic covalent chemistry has allowed the development of self-adaptative peptides or peptidomimetics, responsive to their environment. The development of methods allowing the building, screening or deconvolution of libraries of peptides is a highly active research area and dynamic combinatorial chemistry represents an innovative and underexploited method in this field. This Review gives an overview of the use of dynamic covalent chemistry as a tool to produce peptides or peptidomimetics, with particular attention to applications in dynamic combinatorial chemistry.

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