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PdS Coupled Nb2O5 Superstructure for Photocatalytic Overall Water Splitting

An efficient approach to resolve the current energy crisis is the photocatalytic production of hydrogen that is renewable and readily available from water and solar energy. In this study, we prepared nanocomposites by coupling PdS nanodisks on self-assembled Nb2O5 superstructures and demonstrated them as an efficient water splitting photocatalyst for oxygen and hydrogen production. Various characterization techniques were employed to examine the physical and chemical properties and advantages of the Nb2O5/PdS nanocomposite over bare Nb2O5 superstructure and PdS nanoparticles. The synthesized nanocomposite showed a hydrogen evolution rate of 665 μmol g−1min−1 and oxygen evolution rate of 211 μmol g−1 min−1, which is twice as high as that of Nb2O5 superstructure and three times higher than that of PdS particles. The composite survived without any structural deterioration, even after six treatment cycles, thereby indicating its practical applicability.

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