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[Pd(2‐pymo)2]n/Al2O3 as MOF single site catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of acetylene

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Despite the great potential of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) in catalysis, industrial applications are still scarce. This is mainly due to a lack of performance when changing from idealized lab conditions towards realistic conditions of the actual application. In this work, we demonstrate the applicability and outstanding catalytic performance of an alumina-supported [Pd(2-pymo)2]n MOF catalyst in the selective hydrogenation of acetylene to ethylene under industrial front-end conditions. It shows a competitive performance to an industrial benchmark catalyst and even exceeds it in terms of ethane selectivity due to the combination of well-defined isolated Pd active sites and synergies due to MOF-support-interactions. The high stability was proven for up to 60 h time-on-stream and supported by XPS and XRD structural analysis.

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