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Organic Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Aluminum‐Ion Batteries

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Al to the rescue: This Review summarizes the latest research progress of organic cathode materials in rechargeable aluminum-ion batteries, including energy storage mechanisms and applications. Organic cathode materials have the advantages of high theoretical capacity, wide availability and easy designability. This work aims to stimulate more research on aluminum–organic batteries.


Organic electrode materials (OEMs) have shown enormous potential in ion batteries because of their varied structural components and adaptable construction. As a brand-new energy-storage device, rechargeable aluminum-ion batteries (RAIBs) have also received a lot of attention due to their high safety and low cost. OEMs are expected to stand out among many traditional RAIB cathode materials. However, how to improve the electrochemical performance of OEMs in RAIBs on a laboratory scale is still challenging. This work reviews and discusses the uses of conductive polymers, carbonyl compounds, imine polymers, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, organic frameworks, and other organic materials as the cathodes of RAIBs, as well as energy-storage mechanisms and research progress. It is hoped that this Review can provide the design guidelines for organic cathode materials with high capacity and great stability used in aluminum-organic batteries and develop more efficient organic energy storage cathodes.

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