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Oligonucleotides Containing C5‐Propynyl Modified Arabinonucleic Acids: Synthesis, Biophysical and Antisense Properties

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The introduction of chemical modifications on the nucleic acid scaffold has allowed for the progress of antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) in the clinic for the treatment of a variety of disorders. In contribution to the repertoire of gene-silencing nucleic acid modifications, herein we report the synthesis and incorporation of C5-propynyl arabinouridine (araUP) and arabinocytidine (araCP) into mixed-base ASOs containing a pyrimidine core. Substitution of the core with araUP and araCP resulted in stabilization of the duplex formed with RNA but not with DNA. Similar results were obtained with ASOs bearing phosphorothioate linkages or methoxyethyl (MOE) wings in a gapmer design. All modified ASOs were compatible with E. coli RNase H mediated degradation of target RNA. Substitution of DNA for araUP and araCP in the central portion of a gapmer with MOE wings demonstrated improved nuclease resistance. These results suggest C5-modified arabinonucleic acids may serve as a potential chemical modification for therapeutic ASOs.

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