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Nanopore Electrochemistry for Pathogen Detection

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Pathogen infections have seriously threatened human health, and there is an urgent demand for rapid and efficient pathogen identification to provide instructions in clinical diagnosis and therapeutic intervention. Recently, nanopore technology, a rapidly maturing technology which delivers ultrasensitive sensing and high throughput in real-time and at low cost, has achieved success in pathogen detection. Furthermore, the remarkable development of nanopore sequencing, for example, the MinION sequencer from Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT) as a competitive sequencing technology, has facilitated the rapid analysis of disease-related microbiomes at the whole-genome level and on a large scale. Here, we highlighted recent advances in nanopore approaches for pathogen detection at the single-molecule level. We also overviewed the applications of nanopore sequencing in pathogenic bacteria identification and diagnosis. In the end, we discussed the challenges and future developments of nanopore technology as promising tools for the management of infections, which may be helpful to aid understanding as well as decision-making.

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