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Metal‐backboned polymers with well‐defined lengths

Constructing the backbone of polymers with metal atoms is an attractive strategy to develop new functional polymeric materials, but it has yet to be studied due to the synthesis challenge. Here, metal atoms are interconnected as the backbones of polymers to yield metal-backboned polymers (MBPs). Rational design of multidentate ligands synthesized via an efficient iterative approach leads to the successful construction of a series of nickel-backboned polymers (NBPs) with well-defined lengths and up to 21 nickel atoms, whose structures are systematically confirmed. These NBPs exhibit strong and length-depended absorption with narrow bandgaps, offering promising applications in optoelectronic devices and semiconductors. We also demonstrate the high thermal stability and solution processability of such nickel-backboned polymers. Our results represent a new opportunity to design and synthesize a variety of new metal-backboned polymers for promising applications in the future.

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