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Measurement of Adsorption Properties at Different Scales: from Zero Length Column Experiments on Single Pellets to Breakthrough Curves

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A new methodology developed using the ZLC technique demonstrates that properties extracted from single pellet experiments can reliably predict tests on larger sample masses. The approach was validated by studying the diffusion of n-pentane in HISIV3000 extrudates. Average kinetic and equilibrium properties from 9 individual pellets allowed excellent predictions of breakthrough tests on a sample mass two order of magnitude larger.


The ZLC technique is a powerful technique for the measurement of diffusion in nanoporous materials using mg quantities of a sample. Questions remain on whether the measured properties are representative of larger samples. A methodology has been developed to carry out single pellet experiments to determine average properties and variability of equilibrium and kinetic properties. To demonstrate the approach, n-pentane on HISIV3000 extrudates was used as the test system, which was shown to be macropore diffusion controlled. Results on nine pellets provided average values showing a perfect match to breakthrough column experiments with a sample two orders of magnitudes larger.

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