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Magnesium Promoted Active and Isoselective ROP of rac‐Lactide and ε‐Caprolactone Under Mild Conditions

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A novel amidophosphine sulfur-supported magnesium complex, [Ph 2 P(S)NCH 2 CH 2 N-(CH 2 CH 2 )O]Mg(C 4 H 9 )(THF)] ( 2 ) enabling efficient ring-opening polymerization of rac -lactide (LA) and ε-caprolactone (CL) is disclosed. Achieved incredible selectivity for ROP of rac -lactide for the first time using a magnesium catalyst affording isoselective PLA with a P i value of 0.77. The polymerization of rac -LA as well as ε-CL proceeded under mild reaction conditions in absence of any external initiator, to yield corresponding polyesters with a great control over the molecular weight. The kinetic studies reveal that both sulfur and magnesium centers simultaneously work together to drive high yield and selectivity.

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