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Linguistic Framing of Artificial Intelligence: What Language to Use When Talking about Artificial Intelligence

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Linguistic framing can influence the way we perceive artificial intelligence (AI). In a psycholinguistic survey, participants assigned a higher level of trust to a product when it was described using words from the SUPPORTING frame rather than the DECIDING or CONTROL frames. Not only the choice of words, but grammatical and syntactical structures influence our view on AI.


A psycholinguistic study was conducted to assess the level of trust in different fictional products with varying framing. It was found that the product type has the greatest influence on the level of acceptance, while the expert or layperson status of the participants has the least influence. The second most relevant influencing factor is framing. The level of trust is estimated higher by all groups when a product description using the frame SUPPORTING rather than the frames DECIDING or CONTROL is presented.

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