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Light‐Driven Catalyst‐Free Access to Phthalazines: Entry to Antiviral Model Drugs via Merging Domino Reactions in One‐Pot

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We report the development of a metal-free four-step one-pot synthetic strategy to access high-value functionalized phthalazines using o-methyl benzophenones as starting compounds. Combining a light-mediated enolization of o-methyl benzophenones/Diels-Alder reaction domino process with a subsequent deprotection/aromatization domino reaction in one-pot leads to sustainable and efficient organic synthesis. The tangible advantages, i.e., absence of catalysts or additives, utilization of commercially available and/or easily accessible substrates, mild reaction conditions, simplicity, and single work-up procedure, make this combined process highly appealing for the direct construction of various 1-aryl-phthalazines. Importantly, in vitro bioactivity evaluation of these newly prepared heterocyclic compounds demonstrated a strong antiviral efficacy against major human pathogens like HCMV and SARS-CoV-2.

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