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K3[MO4][MO3N] (M=Tc, Re) – Nitridotrioxidorhenate and ‐technetate from Highly Alkaline Media

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The reactions of ammonium perrhenate and -pertechnetate were investigated using highly alkaline media and yielded compounds with [MO3N]2− (M=Tc, Re) anions. The complex crystallography of K3[MO3N][MO4] was elucidated and supported by various complementary methods, including XPS, UV-vis, Raman spectroscopy and magnetochemistry.


The reactions of ammonium perrhenate and pertechnetate in highly alkaline medium led to the isotypic mixed anionic nitridotrioxidorhenate and -technetate K 3[MO4][MO3N] (M= Tc, Re). Both compounds occur as colorless crystals, which were investigated by single crystal X-ray diffraction. Furthermore, K3[ReO4][ReO3N] has been studied by means of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to determine the oxidation state of rhenium. The obtained results have been complemented by magnetic measurements. IR and Raman spectroscopy indicated the presence of Re−O as well as Re−N bonds.

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