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Integrated reversible thermochromism, high Tc, dielectric switch and narrow band gap in one multifunctional ferroic

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Organic-inorganic Hybrid (OIH) materials for multifunctional switchable applications have attracted enormous attentions in recent years due to their excellent optoelectronic properties and good structural tunability. However, it still remains challenging to fabricate one simple OIH compound with multi-functionals properties, such as dielectric switching, thermochromic properties, semiconductor characteristics and ferroelasticity. Under this context, we successfully synthesized [2-(2-fluorophenyl)ethan-1-amine]2SnBr6 (compound 1), which has a higher phase transition temperature of 427.7 K. Additionally, it exhibits a semiconducting property with an indirect band gap of 2.36 eV. Combining ferroelastic, narrow band gap, thermochromic, and dielectric properties, compound 1 can be considered as a rarely reported multi-functional ferroelastic material, which is expected to give inspiration for broadening the new applications in the multifunctional smart devices.

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