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In‐situ Hydrogen Bond Tailoring Constructing Ultrathin Bi2O2O/Bi2O2(OH)(NO3) Nanosheets: Interactive CO2RR Promotion and Bismuth‐Oxygen Moiety Preservation

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Bismuth-oxygen moieties are beneficial for high-efficiency CO 2 RR producing formate, however, the preservation of bismuth-oxygen moietyis challenging while applying a cathodic potential. This work reports preparation of ultrathin Bi 2 O 2 O/Bi 2 O 2 (OH)(NO 3 ) nanosheets (BiON-uts) via  in-situ tailoring hydrogen bonds in Bi 2 O 2 (OH)(NO 3 ) precursor. The BiON-uts exhibits a formate faradaic efficiency of 98% with higher partial current density than that of most reported Bi-based catalysts. Mechanistic studies demonstrate that the ultrathin nanosheet morphology facilitates ion-exchange reaction between BiON-uts and electrolyte to produce Bi 2 O 2 CO 3  intermediate, and adsorption reaction of CO 2  with surface Bi 2 O 2 O. DFT calculations reveal that the rate-limiting first electron transfer is effectively improved because of the high electron affinity of Bi 2 O 2 CO 3 . More importantly, high-efficiency CO 2 RR in turn protects bismuth-oxygen moieties from being reduced and thus helps to maintain excellent CO 2 RR activity. This work offers an interactive mechanism of CO 2 RR promotion and bismuth-oxygen moiety preservation, opening up new opportunities for developing high-performance catalysts.

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