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Inside Back Cover: Synergistic Catalysis between a Dipeptide Phosphonium Salt and a Metal‐Based Lewis Acid for Asymmetric Synthesis of N‐Bridged [3.2.1] Ring Systems (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 38/2022)

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Synergistic catalysis with a dipeptide phosphonium salt and a Lewis acid is used by Zhishan Su, Tianli Wang, and co-workers in their Research Article (e202207334) for the asymmetric synthesis of N-bridged [3.2.1] ring systems. The picture shows the key transition state of the reaction, with the phosphonium salt placed in the top left, and the alkenyl sulfone and cyclic imine substrates in the bottom left and right, respectively. The silver nitrite in the center connects catalyst and substrate via “lightnings” that symbolize hydrogen-bonding and coordination interactions, and the product exits towards the top right.

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