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Improved Interface Stability and Zinc‐Ions Distribution Achieved by Functional Protective Layer Containing Abundant Oxygen Sites and Regular Channels for Long‐Life Zinc‐Metal Anodes

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A functional artifical layer containing with plentiful polar oxygen sites and regular channels is constructed to alleviate the generation of Zn dendrites, corrosion and side reactions for stable and long-life Zn metal anode. Particularly, the functional sites and open structure are able to induce uniform Zn deposition.


Aqueous zinc (Zn)-ion batteries (AZIBs) have attracted much attention for the high safety, economy and nontoxic property, but further practical applications are still hindered due to the severe interfacial corrosion and annoying dendrite growth. Herein, a functional protective layer (FPL) containing abundant oxygen sites and regular channels is proposed as the surface coating to stabilize the Zn-metal anode. Specifically, transferred free water molecules and mitigated Zn-ions can be attracted by these polar oxygen sites, beneficially reliving corrosion behavior, reducing side reactions and inducing uniform Zn deposition. Furthermore, the cross-linked structure with opening channels of FPL benefits electrolyte to quickly arrive the electrode surface and maintain the superior movement of Zn-ions. As a result, a superior cycling performance with high stability of 450 h at 5 mA cm−2 and excellent rate behavior have been endowed by Zn electrode loading FPL. In the exploration of practical utilization, full battery consisting of Zn@FPL anode and cathode adopting commercial MnO2 powder also exhibits an outstanding capacity retention of 98.9 % after 300 cycles at 0.5 A g−1. The proposed strategy of constructing a protective layer with functional sites and opening structure shows a good guiding significance for protecting Zn-metal anode.

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