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Impact of Nanotechnology on the Realm of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

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Nanotechnology and stem cells together have expanded the field of regenerative medicine. Different nanomaterials like carbon, metal/metal oxide, ceramic, polymeric, and naturally occurring biological nanomaterials have been the main topics of this review. Additionally, the effective use of these nanomaterials in guiding the stem cells for tissue regeneration and disease treatment has also been discussed. In addition, new avenues for stem cells and nanomaterials in biomedicine have been identified.


The intersection of very different, yet complementary fields, stem cells and nanotechnology, has led to the opening of new horizons in the area of research, giving new hopes, better strategies, and a boost to regenerative medicine, nanotherapeutics, and tissue engineering. Harnessing the stem cell's ability to self-renew and differentiate into specific types of functional cells and the unique physico-chemical properties of the nanomaterials, researchers have optimized the interactions of these with the biological milieu to overcome the hurdles of conventional cell-based therapies. Here, we highlight and outline various types of nanomaterials and their well-established significance in redefining the future of human medicine through influencing stem cell research targeting illness of important human organs.

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