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Hybrid Catalysts for One‐pot Cascade Production of Gluconic Acid

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Cascade catalysis with hybrid catalysts provides one-pot production without separation of intermediate(s) and can present superior catalytic efficiency. This Concept review summarizes the catalytic cascade categories for gluconic acid production, and emphasizes the importance of fabricating chemo-enzymatic cascade processes by introducing enzyme mimics. Future efforts on how to develop highly efficient chemo-enzymatic cascade catalysis are discussed.


Gluconic acid is a valuable commodity in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and construction. As the demand for gluconic acid grows, the development of its efficient and cost-effective production methods has become a prominent research priority. Enzymatic synthesis has emerged as a promising approach for the production of gluconic acid due to its numerous advantages such as being eco-friendly, highly efficient, and cost-effective. Furthermore, the one-pot catalytic method simplifies production equipment and operational steps. This concept review discusses the latest development in the field of multi-enzymatic hybrid catalysts and chemo-enzymatic hybrid catalysts for the one-pot cascade catalytic production of gluconic acid. Perspectives for further research in this field are also provided to promote the application of multi-enzyme complex cascade catalytic systems in extensive areas of organic synthesis.

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