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Highly Selective Rhodium Catalyzed 1,4‐Hydrogenation of Conjugated Dienals

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The Cover Feature shows in the background a picture of the Lily of the Valley “Muguet” flowers – a highly desired aroma in perfumery and inspiration for many artificial perfumery molecules. In their Research Article, L. Saudan and co-workers explored the ability of a directing-group free catalytic hydrogenation of dienals into gamma-delta unsaturated aldehydes. Indeed, the scent of this class of aldehydes have been found to be very close to the desired olfactive note of the Lily of the Valley flowers. Rhodium-complexes bearing a large bite angle diphosphine ligand were found to be highly efficient catalyst for the hydrogenation of dienals into gamma-delta unsaturated aldehydes. The reaction conditions are mild (low pressure and temperature) and allow to obtain the desired aldehydes in high yield and selectivity. This hydrogenation reaction is an efficient alternative to the Claisen-rearrangement usually used to prepare this class of compounds. More information can be found in the Research Article by L. Saudan and co-workers .

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