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High‐Efficient Ultrathin PdCuMo Porous Nanosheets with Abundant Defects for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

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Ultrathin PdCuMo porous nanosheets with rich cavities and structural defects have been successfully prepared by a simple method. Due to the novel structures which can provide extensive active sites and the electronic interaction between Cu, Pd and Mo elements, ultrathin PdCuMo porous nanosheets display outstanding catalytic activities and stabilities.


To reduce the over-dependence on Pt, Pd-based catalysts have become one of the most effective candidates for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). In order to further accelerate the ORR kinetics and strengthen the catalytic performance of Pd catalysts, component optimization and morphology design have been adopted. Although great progress has been made, it is still difficult to obtain porous ultrathin nanosheets with excellent performance by a simple method. Here, ultrathin PdCuMo porous nanosheets (PdCuMo NSs) were successfully prepared. This structure possessed a large specific surface area with rich cavities and structural defects, significantly enhancing its ORR performance. In special, the mass activity of PdCuMo NSs was 1.46 A mg−1 at 0.90 V, which was 12.2, 8.6, and 2.7 times as high as that of Pd/C, Pt/C, and PdCuMo nanoparticles (PdCuMo NPs), respectively. In addition, it had an excellent ability to resist CO poisoning and exhibited remarkable long-term stability.

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