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Heterogenised Molecular Catalysts for Sustainable Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

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Support materials such as carbon-based supports, MOFs, COFs, titania, and polymer gels can enhance the stability and selectivity of carbon dioxide reduction catalysts, including those based on earth-abundant elements, while also providing an effective means for the heterogenisation of molecular electrocatalysts into porous and scalable materials. The performances of state-of-the-art systems are compared and the prospects of the field discussed in this Review.


There has been a rapid rise in interest regarding the advantages of support materials to protect and immobilise molecular catalysts for the carbon dioxide reduction reaction (CO2RR) in order to overcome the weaknesses of many well-known catalysts in terms of their stability and selectivity. In this Review, the state of the art of different catalyst-support systems for the CO2RR is discussed with the intention of leading towards standard benchmarking for comparison of such systems across the most relevant supports and immobilisation strategies, taking into account these multiple pertinent metrics, and also enabling clearer consideration of the necessary steps for further progress. The most promising support systems are described, along with a final note on the need for developing more advanced experimental and computational techniques to aid the rational design principles that are prerequisite to prospective industrial upscaling.

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