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Heck Reaction of N‐Heteroaryl Halides for the Concise Synthesis of Chiral α‐Heteroaryl‐substituted Heterocycles

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Heck reaction between N-heteroaryl halides and heterocyclic olefins has been accomplished by adopting either a P, P=O-based ligand or (S)-DTBM- SEGPHOS, leading to the formation of a variety of nonchiral or chiral α-heteroaryl-substituted heterocycles.


The Heck reaction between N-heteroaryl halides and heterocyclic alkenes provides a convenient approach to biologically relevant α-heteroaryl functionalized heterocycles, yet reactions of this type have been challenging due to strong N-heteroaryl coordination to palladium metal, which causes catalyst poisoning. In this report, an efficient palladium-catalyzed Heck reaction between N-heteroaryl halides and heterocyclic olefins is established, leading to a variety of α-heteroaryl substituted heterocycles. The method features an unprecedented broad substrate scope and excellent functional group compatibility. The employment of a sterically bulky P, P=O ligand containing an anthryl moiety is crucial for this transformation due to the coordinative unsaturation facilitated by its steric bulkiness. The asymmetric variant of the Heck reaction is achieved with (S)-DTBM-SEGPHOS via a cationic palladium pathway, which has enabled an efficient asymmetric synthesis of (S)-nicotine and its analogues.

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