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Guest‐Host Raman under Liquid Nitrogen Spectroscopy for the Acquisition of Improved Vibrational Spectra of Solids

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The encapsulation of Buckminsterfullerene in an ice matrix allows the acquisition of enhancements in Raman spectral activity.


Guest-host Raman under liquid nitrogen spectroscopy (GHRUNS) is introduced whereby solid-state guest molecules are isolated inside cage-like host environments for the facile acquisition of their Raman spectra. This convenient method features reduced fluorescence, the analysis of populations in their ground states, and increased signal to noise ratios. Samples are also preserved through the reduction of thermal degradation and oxidation. To demonstrate the benefits of this new method, Raman spectra of the ubiquitous molecule C60 inside a cage of water ice are presented. Using this technique, a new normal mode of C60 is elucidated. The GHRUNS methodology is of interest to those seeking to acquire and characterize the vibrational spectra, structure, and properties of emissive, air-sensitive molecules.

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