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Greener Synthesis of Pyrroloquinazoline Derivatives: Recent Advances

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Pyrroloquinazolines present a plethora of biological or pharmacological activities, thus attracting the interest of several research groups on the development of new and efficient synthetic strategies for obtaining this class of N-heterocyclic compounds. In this Review, the progress on the greener synthesis of pyrroloquinazoline derivatives achieved in the last decade is discussed.


Quinazoline derivatives draw attention from a synthetic and medicinal chemistry point of view, given the wide range of biological activities already described. This class of fused N-heterocyclic compounds has also shown its importance and potential pharmacological application. This Review covers the contributions reported in the last ten years for the synthesis of pyrroloquinazoline derivatives, focusing on greener protocols to obtain these adducts, such as multicomponent reactions, photocatalysis, microwaves, electrosynthesis among others.

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