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Gold Triangular Nanoprisms: Anisotropic Plasmonic Materials with Unique Structures and Properties

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Recent research progress of gold triangular nanoprisms (AuTNPs) are discussed in this Review article. AuTNPs, a novel kind of two-dimensional nanomaterial, are discussed from three perspectives, that is, synthesis methodology, morphological evolution, and potential application fields. Meanwhile, the unresolved issues and the key directions of future research are also pointed out, hoping to lay a foundation for subsequent research and development. Jiangming Wang, Weina Fang and Huajie Liu (Tongji University, East China Normal University) with a Review article discussing gold triangular nanoprisms – anisotropic plasmonic materials with unique structures and properties.


As a novel type of anisotropic inorganic nanomaterials, gold triangular nanoprisms (AuTNPs) have been widely studied for their well-defined structures and excellent plasmonic properties. This review starts with synthetic methodology, combing through the early thermal solution method to the mature seed-mediated method and seedless method. The possible mechanisms proposed by predecessors and the problems needed to be solved are also arranged. Along with this, the important morphological evolution process of AuTNPs during synthesis and post-synthesis stages are revealed, which is of great significance for further understanding the structure of AuTNPs and developing new synthesis strategies. Finally, the applications of AuTNPs, especially associated with plasmonic properties, are listed and summarized where surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS), catalysis, phototherapy and biosensor are included, so that researchers can quickly comprehend the current situation, and provide a basis for further development and exploration of AuTNPs.

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