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General Concepts and Recent Advances in the Electrochemical Transformation of Chloro‐ and Hydrosilanes

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Electrochemical Transformation of Chloro-and Hydrosilanes: The commercial availability of high-quality electrochemical equipment combined with pitfalls and challenges in working with chloro- and hydrosilanes requires a holistic, up-to-date analysis for novices and experts alike. This review bridges the gap between established techniques and cutting-edge methods providing an overview of the most important research in the field and highlighting the common challenges of operating with these substrate classes.


Organosilanes play an important role in organic synthesis as well as in a variety of further areas, ranging from life science to transportation. Especially, the electrochemical access has become increasingly important in the past years and developed into an essential topic due to new conceptual approaches and mediated reaction control. With the commercial availability of high-quality electrochemical equipment, the technical requirements for electro-conversion are at hand to a wide audience. This results in the need for a concise survey of electrochemical silane transformation, appropriate for novices as well as experts alike. This review provides an overview of the most relevant work in this field, identifies common obstacles in working with chlorosilanes and hydrosilanes and bridges the gap between known techniques and novel methods with respect to their electrochemical conversion. The historical development is outlined with reference to the various cathodic as well as anodic conversions and should encourage to expand the research field of electrochemical silane transformation.

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