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Front Cover: Photophysical Properties of Fluorescent Labels: A Meta‐Analysis to Guide Probe Selection Amidst Challenges with Available Data (Anal. Sens. 5/2022)

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Expanding Universe of Fluorescent Labels: The front cover picture represents the expanding repertoire of fluorescent probes, which have been of paramount importance in numerous fields. This meta-analysis presents a compendium of the photophysical properties—both in the bound and unbound states—of fluorescent dyes, proteins, and nanoparticles, to aid in the application-driven label selection amidst the sliver of available complete, comparable, and meaningful data. Also discussed are the barriers that are slowing down the development of this analysis & sensing toolbox. Cover designed by Daniela Cavazos-Elizondo and Alan Aguirre-Soto with support from Mariel Aguirre and Eric Butron. More information can be found in the Review by D. Cavazos-Elizondo and A. Aguirre-Soto.

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