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Front Cover: Molecular Metallocorrole–Nanorod Photocatalytic System for Sustainable Hydrogen Production (ChemSusChem 17/2022)

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The Front Cover shows the solar-driven photocatalytic generation of hydrogen from water. It is accomplished via a successful combination of nanorod photocatalysts that have proven record activity for the water reduction half-reaction, with molecular metallocorroles suitable for catalyzing the accompanying oxidation reactions. The utilization of redox species as charge transfer shuttle between freely mixed molecular catalysts and rods afford a simple and elegant alternative to a chemical linkage, which results in high quantum efficiency for hydrogen production. In place of a sacrificial scavenger capable of extracting but a single hole, the molecular metallocorrole catalyst is found to successfully handle nearly 300,000 holes during its lifespan. More information can be found in the Research Article by K. Dong, T.-A. Le et al.

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