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Flexible Solid‐State Metal‐Air Batteries: The Booming of Portable Energy Supplies

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The rapid development of portable and wearable electronics has set up new challenges and provoked research in flexible, lightweight, and affordable energy storage devices. Flexible solid-state metal-air batteries (FSSMABs) are considered as promising candidates due to their large energy density, mechanical flexibility, and durability. However, the practical applications of FSSMABs require further improvement to meet the demands of the long-term stability, high power density, and large operating voltage. Herein, we present a detailed discussion of innovative electrocatalysts for the air cathode, followed by a sequential review of the high-performance solid-state electrolytes and metal anodes. The current challenges and future perspectives of FSSMABs were concluded to promote practical applications and large-scale commercialization in the near future.

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