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Facile Construction of Zn‐Doped Mn3O4−MnO2 Vertical Nanosheets for Aqueous Zinc‐Ion Battery Cathodes

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A self-standing and binder-free cathode: 3D vertically standing cereal-like Zn-doped MnOx nanosheets directly onto a silver nanoparticle-carbon nanotube modified Ni foam were developed through a simple and green electrochemical deposition process for high-performance aqueous zinc-ion battery applications.


Aqueous rechargeable batteries with good electrochemical performances have been considered as compelling alternatives in miniaturized energy storage units due to their small-size, better safety, greener manufacturing condition, and easy-to-recycle process. Herein, a binder-free manganese oxide (MnOx), comprising of MnO2 and Mn3O4 constructed by engineering it with zinc doping used as a cathode material for eco-friendly aqueous Zn ion battery is developed. A green and simple electrochemical deposition synthesis of Zn-doped Mn3O4−MnO2 nanocomposite with vertically-oriented 3D porous cereal-like nanosheet framework (ZnMM-NSs) is reproducibly performed directly onto the surface of AgCNT modified Ni foam in a mild aqueous ZnSO4+MnSO4 electrolyte. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report on Zn doping in Mn3O4−MnO2 nanocomposite and the subsequent device assembly for aqueous zinc-ion batteries. Zinc doping induced electrical/ionic conductivity enhancement, along with more active sites provided by 3D porous cereal-like nanostructures and multiple Mn valences, this ZnMM-NSs cell can deliver a high capacity, good rate performance, and satisfying cycling stability. Also, the Zn-doped manganese oxides are obtained by a green method, which can reduce the entire cost, the usage of toxic solvents, the consumption of energy, and the disposable by-product, paving the way for developing cost-effective, easy-to-recycle, and environmentally friendly next-generation energy storage systems.

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