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Fabrication and Functionalisation of Nanocarbon‐Based Field‐Effect Transistor Biosensors

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Next-generation diagnostics: Nanocarbon-based field effect transistors (NC-FETs) use incoming target analytes to impart a gating effect on conductance. Here, we review the operational mechanisms behind NC-FETs, the fabrication and functionalisation of NC-FETs with receptor biomolecules and downstream biosensing applications.


Nanocarbon-based field-effect transistor (NC-FET) biosensors are at the forefront of future diagnostic technology. By integrating biological molecules with electrically conducting carbon-based platforms, high sensitivity real-time multiplexed sensing is possible. Combined with their small footprint, portability, ease of use, and label-free sensing mechanisms, NC-FETs are prime candidates for the rapidly expanding areas of point-of-care testing, environmental monitoring and biosensing as a whole. In this review we provide an overview of the basic operational mechanisms behind NC-FETs, synthesis and fabrication of FET devices, and developments in functionalisation strategies for biosensing applications.

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