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Enzyme‐responsive hydrogel for delivery of an anti‐inflammatory agent zingerone

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Inflammation highly fluctuates, and the level of inflammation varies in patients. Therefore, as opposed to conventional sustained release systems, delivering drugs in response to the inflammation and inflammation-associated enzymes may have a beneficial effect in managing inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Hence, we have developed an inflammation-associated enzymes-responsive hydrogel system. Zingerone is an active component in ginger and is known to exhibit a beneficial effect. We have studied the zingerone anti-inflammatory properties using macrophages, and zingerone-encapsulated self-assembled hydrogels have been prepared and characterized in detail. Additionally, we have demonstrated that inflammation-associated enzymes such as lipase could trigger the release of zingerone in a responsive manner, in vitro . In vivo efficacy of zingerone-encapsulated hydrogel will be evaluated in preclinical models in the future.

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