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Enhanced Optical Properties of Azaborole Helicenes by Lateral and Helical Extension

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π-Extended Azaborole Helicenes. A unique set of π-extended azaborole helicenes, assembled from N-heteroaromatic and dibenzo[g,p]chrysene building blocks, shows excellent optical properties. The lateral and helical extensions of the helicene scaffold significantly enhanced emission quantum yields and dissymmetry factors.


The synthesis and characterization of laterally extended azabora[5]-, -[6]- and -[7]helicenes, assembled from N-heteroaromatic and dibenzo[g,p]chrysene building blocks is described. Formally, the π-conjugated systems of the pristine azaborole helicenes were enlarged with a phenanthrene unit leading to compounds with large Stokes shifts, significantly enhanced luminescence quantum yields (Φ) and dissymmetry factors (g lum). The beneficial effect on optical properties was also observed for helical elongation. The combined contributions of lateral and helical extensions resulted in a compound showing green emission with Φ of 0.31 and |g lum| of 2.2×10−3, highest within the series of π-extended azaborahelicenes and superior to emission intensity and chiroptical response of its non-extended congener. This study shows that helical and lateral extensions of π-conjugated systems are viable strategies to improve features of azaborole helicenes. In addition, single crystal X-ray analysis of configurationally stable [6]- and -[7]helicenes was used to provide insight into their packing arrangements.

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