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Enhanced Dry Reforming of Methane Catalysis by Ni at Heterointerfaces between Thin MgAlOx and Bulk ZrO2

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The Cover Feature depicts the possible Ni locations on the MgAlOx/ZrO2 support and highlights the superior DRM reaction performance of Ni at the heterointerfacial sites. The catalytic behaviors across these diverse Ni positions are metaphorically represented by the thrust of the rockets and the brightness of the Ni particles. In their Research Article, M. M. Montemore, O. M. Gazit and co-worker demonstrate that the heterointerface between a thin MgAlOx overlayer and the underlying bulk ZrO2 is the preferred site for Ni particles. The combined results from XPS, DFT, H2-TPR, TEM, and catalytic studies indicate that the tri-phase boundary among Ni, MgAlOx, and ZrO2 offers unique metal-support interactions and enhanced performance in methane dry reforming. More information can be found in the Research Article by M. M. Montemore, O. M. Gazit and co-workers.

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