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Enhanced and Rapid Electro‐oxidation Degradation for Highly Concentrated Tetracycline by Mn Nanoparticle‐Doped NiAl‐LDHs

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A cost-effective and environmentally friendly Mn NP/NiAl-LDHs electrode has been designed to address the problem of water contamination containing high concentrations of tetracycline. The designed electrode is able to rapidly remove high concentrations of tetracycline by electrochemical oxidation, removing up to 92.6% within 5 min, and paving a new avenue for efficient environmental remediation.


Antibiotic pollution has posed a serious threat to water environments. To cope with this issue, layered double hydroxides (LDHs) have been employed and exhibited effective removability. However, most of LDHs adsorb antibiotics for water decontamination, which is difficult to degrade the pollutants and usually takes a quite long treatment time. In this work, Mn doped NiAl-LDHs electrode was synthesized for antibiotic degradation with target pollutant tetracycline (TC). The removal efficiency of TC was then investigated by conducting electro-oxidation with Mn doped NiAl-LDHs anode. Specifically, some Mn doped NiAl-LDHs nanoflowers were shed from NF substrate during the oxidation process, thus forming a 3D-like electrode device and facilitating TC removal. Meanwhile, due to particle electrode-like architecture and electro-oxidation of the composite electrode, high concentration of TC can be removed quickly in a short time, and the removal efficiency can reach 92.6% in 5 min.

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