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Electrochemical immunosensing of Growth arrest‐specific 6 in human plasma and tumor cell secretomes

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Growth arrest-specific 6 (GAS6) protein plays a key role in processes related to proliferation, inflammation, angiogenesis, and atherosclerotic plaque formation. In addition, it has been reported that plasma levels of GAS6 are related to cancer prognosis and other relevant pathologies, such as heart failure or sepsis. We report here the first electrochemical immunoplatform for the determination of GAS6, which has demonstrated to be competitive with other available methodologies in terms of cost, simplicity, and decentralized application. The developed immunoplatform involves a sandwich immunoassay using magnetic microparticles (MBs) and uses amperometric detection at disposable screen-printed carbon electrodes (SPCEs). The MBs were modified with an antibody specific to GAS6 for its selective capture, which is further recognized by a biotinylated secondary antibody subsequently labeled with a streptavidin-horseradish peroxidase (Strep-HRP) conjugate. The electrochemical detection was carried out using the hydroquinone (HQ)/H2O2 system. The developed bioplatform exhibits a great selectivity and low limit of detection (27 pg/mL) that allowed the determination of the GAS6 circulating level in plasma samples from patients suffering heart failure (HF) and diagnosed with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), as well as the determination of the target protein in raw secretomes of human colorectal cancer cell lines.

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