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Effective Charge Carrier Utilization of BiVO4 for Solar Overall Water Splitting

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Solar energy-driven overall water splitting (OWS) is an attractive way for generating green hydrogen. This review focuses on the current research status of BiVO4-constituted photo(electro)catalytic OWS systems, and summarizes the effective strategies for BiVO4 photo(electro)catalysts in a mainline of efficient charge utilization. It is hoped to provide comprehensive guidance for the construction of advanced solar OWS systems.


Solar energy-driven overall water splitting (OWS) is an attractive way for generating clean and renewable green hydrogen. One key challenge is the construction of OWS systems with high solar energy conversion efficiencies, in which how to manipulate photoexcited charge carriers to efficiently participate in the reaction is the top priority. In recent years, bismuth vanadate (BiVO4) has emerged as one of the most promising materials for photo(electro)catalytic OWS and considerable progress has been achieved. In this review, recent advances of BiVO4-constituted OWS systems in both photoelectrocatalytic and photocatalytic approaches are presented in a mainline of effective charge carrier utilization. Various strategies for improved charge carrier utilization, including band structure engineering, improving charge separation, reducing charge recombination, and accelerating reaction kinetics, are summarized and analyzed in detail. Finally, perspective and outlook on further exploring the application potential of BiVO4 are proposed.

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