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Effect of Ce Addition to Ag/ZrO2 Catalyst on the Hydrogenation of DMO to MG

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Ag and Ce were impregnated onto ZrO2 carriers using an equal volume impregnation method and used for the preparation of MG by hydrogenation of DMO. The addition of suitable amount of Ce can change the ratio of Ce3+ to Ce4+, which is favorable to the dissociation of H2, thus making the conversion of DMO to MG more favorable.


MG has a special molecular structure, and MG is an important chemical intermediate with promising applications. Ag−Ce/ZrO2 catalysts with different contents were prepared for hydrogenation of DMO to MG by equal volume impregnation. The content of Ag and the type of additives were screened. According to the effects of different additives on the conversion rate of DMO and the selectivity of MG, Ce was finally selected as the optimal additive metal. These were characterized by XRD, XPS, BET, H2-TPR. The addition of Ce helps the catalyst to form more oxygen vacancies and Ag2O is more easily reduced to Ag monomers. The performance test results of the catalyst showed that the addition of appropriate amount of Ce has a certain promotion effect on the hydrogenation performance of the catalyst, The yield of MG using the 8Ag−Ce1/ZrO2 catalyst was significantly better than that of the Ag/ZrO2 catalyst.

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