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Dynamic AIE crosslinks in liquid crystal networks: visualizing for actuation‐guiding, re‐bonding for actuation‐altering

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Covalent adaptable liquid crystal networks (CALCNs) are highly potential actuating materials due to their actuation properties and shape reprogrammability. Given the importance of network crosslinking state in a CALCN actuator, we sought an all-in-one strategy to probe and visualize its dynamic network while ensuring actuation and reprogramming. Here, tetraphenylethylene derivatives were incorporated into liquid crystal networks via the Diels-Alder (DA) reaction, acting simultaneously as reversible crosslinkers and aggregation-induced emission (AIE) fluorescent probes. The thermally tunable fluorescence of the resulting network can correlate to and thus visualize the actuator’s crosslinking status, actuation capability and temperature in real-time and in situ, yielding an intriguing actuation limit-alerting function. Furthermore, we verified unprecedented reprogrammability of the AIE-type CALCNs through both associative and dissociative exchange mechanisms of DA chemistry.

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